Hello and welcome to my blog.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  

My name is Alison Finch.  I am a writer, business owner, teacher, wife, mother, student, Christian, and pet lover.

I believe that everyone and everything is a story.  The funny thing about stories is that if you don’t tell the story well, people will get bored and no one will listen.  You can even have a mondaine story, but if you tell it well you’ll captivate your audience and have their attention.

Being a Christian for more that twenty years, I realize that people put so many limits on things (movies, music, art, books, etc.) because they may or may not be labeled as Christian.  To be honest with you, some of the movies or music that is labeled “Christian,” I find boring.  Instead of asking if something is labeled as “Christian” or not, why not ask if the song, or movie, or book, or piece of art is technically excellent?  After all, God created everything.  If you are looking at an amazing sunset and wanted to sing, write, or make an art piece about it, isn’t that a reflection on something that God made?

One of my favorite bands is Switchfoot.  They are not labeled as Christian, yet they have great songs and to me are technically excellent in what they do.

So, what about you?  Your life is a story.  Do you strive to be excellent in telling that story?  Have you captivated your audience with your personality, your effort, or your heart?  Even a  person who sweeps trash can do so with pride and excellence.   Whatever it is you do, do it well, make people take notice, and be the best story you can be.


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