Dana Point


If you are looking for a great place to visit, look no further.  Wether you are looking for something to do with your family or by yourself, Dana Point has something for everyone.

When you first arrive, there is a small pier.  There were a lot of people fishing and just sitting watching the boats.  It was very relaxing. DSC_0024.JPG To the left is a small area of sand where you can lay out your towels and enjoy the sun and water.

To the right, there is a large building.  It is the Ocean Institute of Dana Point.  This is a wonderful place to learn about the ocean and all the creatures in it.  The original ship that Richard Henry Dana, Jr arrived in is used as a classroom for the Institute.  It can be seen from the Pier.

If you make your way past the Ocean Institute, you’ll come to the jetty.  There is so many things tDSC_0034o do here.  We sat for a while and watched all the paddle boarders and the boats.  You can walk along the jetty, look for small ocean creatures on the rocks.  There is a gated walkway that takes you down to the sand area.  There you can also enjoy the water, walk on the sand, or observe more crustaceans on the rocks.

Visit Dana Point, you won’t be disapointed.



15 words and phrases you never knew you had wrong

Check out this great blog post by Tammie.

Life After College with Tammie


So let me start by saying I had a lot of fun writing this post. After looking up all the terms below, I realized how silly I probably looked to all my former colleagues and classmates. It really gave me a great laugh! How many of these words and phrases have you confused recently? Personally, I’ve screwed up about nine of these.

1) Based on
Anything you do is always based on something. You never base anything off of something. Think about it. You put items on a base, not off of it.

2) Couldn’t care less
Saying “I could care less” means exactly that: you could care less. But when you want to emphasize exactly how little you care about something, you would say, “I couldn’t care less” to show that person that there’s absolutely nothing in the world that could make you care less than you already do. Got it?

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The Hump

Has anyone been keeping up with the latest info on the restaurant in Santa Monica called The Hump? They have been caught serving whale meat. I’m I the only one that is completely outraged at this? How can people eat there knowing they are straight out breaking the law. They are getting a $200,000 fine. I don’t think that’s enough. What do you think? .